This one-day professional conference is a new initiative that brings together all decision makers and organisations relevant to the Belgian economy. The theme for 2014 was: Financing the Real Economy. With the recent economical and financial turmoil hopefully behind us, we believe it is necessary to create a new platform that annually offers the opportunity to address and discuss topics that have a major, positive or negative, impact on our businesses and employment. In order to facilitate and stimulate the growth opportunities for our companies, access to capital is one of the main preconditions. Therefore, we have presented a debate with academics, captains of industry as well as with subject-experts and decision makers from the financial community on topical issues, framed around three pillars: SME financing, regulation and capital markets. In the different sessions over the day, we had academics presenting their studies followed by expert debates which contributed ideas to the political decision makers, leading at the end of the day in a lively debate.